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 They Really Don't Make Them Like They Used To...

Our telephones have already lasted 30 years... when is the last time you bought a phone that lasted 30 months? Because they were owned by the telephone companies who leased them to homeowners, these phones were built to an industrial standard to minimize the phone company's repair costs. You can easily tell the difference between our phones and today's "throw-away" telephones.

Guaranteed Authentic:

Our standard phones are authentic Model 500 antique telephones that we purchased from a private telephone company that took them out of service 30 years ago when they replaced them with Touch-Tone telephones. These phones were stored in their building until recently when the company's management decided they needed the space.

That is how you are able to get a Great Deal on this classic American design by Henry Dreyfuss. Each antique phone we sell is between 25 and 50 years old and will match perfectly with the decor of any room where you are trying to capture an authentic feel from an earlier age.

Available Colors

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Moss Green

Tan/Lt Pink/Mauve



Rare Colors:







Buy With Confidence!

Three Reasons You should buy a Rotary Dial Model 500 Telephone from Us:
1) There are actually some cheap imitations out there that are advertised as "new" but which were not made to the standards of the original Model 500 Rotary Dial phones

Guarantee: Our Antique Phones have been Tested and will look and work to your satisfaction. In the past five years we have sold almost 3000 of these phones to satisfied customers around the world.

2) Our phones have the RJ-11 Modular Plug so they can be plugged directly into your wall's outlet.

3) We are a PayPal Verifed Merchant!

Three Funny Reasons to Buy an Antique Phone:

1) Our Antique Phones give your room the feel of the homes and offices of AMC's Mad Men or of Carrie's bedroom in Sex and the City 

2) Doesn't everyone need a Rotary Dial Cell Phone!? Check out the Port-O-Rotary! We are very proud to be the supplier for this company. 

3) To quote our first customer: "When you throw a new telephone at your husband's head, it doesn't even leave a dent!" Disclaimer****

Web Based Information on Model 500 Telephones

Design Process of Model 500

Will a Model 500 Work on My Telephone Line?

What was importance of Model 500 to Phone History? (almost at the bottom of the page)

Remember When Telephones Rang True? our favorite line in this article: "Phones were basically all alike back then. You could ask to use a neighbor's phone and not have to ask for instructions."

How-to Fix Model 500 Ringer

How to Change Number Card

3 More Reasons to Buy our Model 500 Telephones

1) Space Age telephones look out of place in a room full of Antiques.

2) True Conversation Piece (So to speak)

3) They will work in an Electrical Blackout (when your other telephones will need Electricity)

Why You Should Buy Right Now From

1) Immediate shipping

2) Limited Supply

3) Outstanding Customer Service (See our Guarantee!)


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We Hide Nothing:

Frequently Asked Questions

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The First Three Things you will notice when You Receive Our Telephone (or 3 things you had forgotten).

1) The Ringer sounds like a ringer should!! (You won't be sleeping thru this call.)

2) The sound quality is much better than new telephones which only have one or two holes in the mouthpiece and earpiece. The sound should be better considering the size of the magnets in these phones.

3) These Bad Boys are Heavy!!!


 Order a Black Antique Phone for only $45.95

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**** For the Record, the Bold Old Telephone Company does not approve of either party in a relationship using an antique phone to commit Domestic Violence. This woman's statement was her opinion and not that of the Bold Old Telephone Company or any of its officers or employees. (But we did think it was funny!)

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