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There are Bold Phones... and there are Old Phones... But there are very few Bold Old Phones!


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Model 302 Replica "Lucy" Phone

Available Colors: Black / Red / Brushed Chrome


European Kettle Phone

Available Colors: Black / Brushed Chrome


1920's Replica Candlestick Phone

Available Colors: Black / Brushed Chrome

Replica Vintage Telephones

We sell Replica Phones that have a touch-tone pad in a circle where the rotary dial would normally go. These phones provide the look of an antique rotary dial phone without any of the uncertainty of hooking it up to an intenet telephone service. WHILE you can buy these replica phones from many on-line suppliers, we would appreciate it if you would buy from us!

Bold Old Phones has been in business since 2003 and has sold over 8,000 rotary dial phones in that time to customers who admire the Mid-Century Modern look of the Model 500 desktop telephone. Our clients have been homeowners, museums, and Hollywood productions (including the long-running hit series Mad Men). 

However, some modern phone systems do not work with a rotary dial telephone any more. This isn't the phone's fault... instead, in order to save money many cablephone system operators have refused to "backward integrate" their systems to allow rotary telephones owners to use their system. These systems are typically known as VoiP systems (for "Voice Over Internet Protocol"). When the Model 500 was introduced in 1949, personal computers were the stuff of science fiction.

As a result, hooking your rotary dial phone up to such a system is as likely to result in a phone call as hooking your toaster up to your intenet provider will result in warm bread. You can buy an adapter that seems to solve the problem but some customers would rather avoid the problem altogether. For those customers, one of our Replica Phones is just perfect!


1950's Replica Pay Phone

Available Colors: Black / Red / Brushed Chrome / Pink

Replica Princess Phone

Available Colors: Pink

Replica Wall Phone

Available Colors: Black / Red / Brushed Chrome

1920's Replica Farmhouse Phone

Available Colors: Wood Grain