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 Non-working or Untested Phones for Props in Movies, Plays, and Store Displays

Thus far our phones have been used in Cabaret and Bye-Bye Birdie student plays, Off-Broadway plays, Hollywood movie and television productions, Realtor displays of homes and offices, centerpieces of tables at charity fundraising dinners, and Student Movies for Film Classes at UCLA.

Over the past five years, we have been asked by set designers if we have phones that are either non-working or untested suitable for use in photo shoots, movies, plays, or store displays. To satisfy this market we are pleased to announce that we have any of the five colors in the above photo available.

When ordering, please tell us the color desired (if any) in the comments section and whether or not the phone needs to withstand up close scrutiny by your audience. You are responsible for removing any dust, dirt, tags, stickers,paint specks, etc. to meet your needs.

One option that has proven very popular with student productions is to simply RENT the handsets from us. Choosing either the candy colored handsets or the black ones prevents students from getting hurt lugging around a five pound phone. This is particularly important for song and dance routines. This option also saves a lot of money on the shipping charges.


Price List: Untested or Non-Working Telephone Props

Non-Working Black Phones in Top Picture

$10 each

Order with Paypal

Other Untested or Non-Working Phones

$15 each

Order with Paypal

Handset Rentals for student plays

$7 each + $15 s/h
Email us for a Price quote!

**Shipping and Handling charges are computed automatically for all locations. We do offer shipping savings for multiple phones shipped to the same location. Email us for a Price quote!


You can Mail a Payment to, PO Box 1792, Gautier, MS 39553

For more details or to discuss options, email us at or call us at 228-497-5050